A boisterous, obese child often seen wearing tight t-shirts printed with cartoons with a handheld game device slung around his/her neck. Often suffers from myopia but not necessarily always.
"Did you see Jane's kid? What a fatfuck."
by catladymaowmaowmaow September 15, 2012
Taking one roll of fat on one side, inserting dick and then on the other side of the dick put another roll of fat. Then thrust. Basically a titty fuck with fat.
Me- You guys do anything last night?
You- Not much, but I fat fucked the shit out of her!
Me- What could you not find her vagina?
by Zach aka Convoluted April 21, 2008
The act of rapidly thrusting your penis between someone's fat folds, resulting in orgasm.
I gave her a good fat fuck.
by Schismrobo April 12, 2008
Alternative name for the mayor of Toronto.
Rob Ford is a fat fuck.
by Truthful187 December 05, 2013
When one is extremely fat
i just saw a fat fuck
by dstone2448 February 28, 2015
a rather large man/woman that is having sex with another very large person; a disturbing creeper that stalks large men that is also quite large and also male.
Did you see that fat fuck? He's been following us all morning!

Did you and Henry fat fuck last night?
by largemanwhale April 23, 2009
Synonymous to jack ass or dumb ass.
Shudup you crazy fat fuck
by AlphaOmega13 January 24, 2005

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