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A triple-insult designed to really hit home. It is in fact three separate insults;

1. You're Fat
2. You're a Fuck
3. You're a Fat Fuck.
Shut the fuck up you Fat Fuckin Fuck.
by Go ham October 03, 2012
Someone who is extremely disgusting and oozes lard and grease. Basically extremely unpleasent to look at, these fatfucks tend to migrate towards each other because no one else likes them. Eventually, when they gather in large areas, they perferm oral sex on each other (most fatfucks are girls) but are in reality eating each other because they are so fat. Leah and Haley are fatfucks and no one likes them.
Leah and Haley are such fat fucks I wish they would just die because they hurt my eyes.

Maggie is the most amazing person ever, the is the opposite of a fatfuck
by Penguin lovers November 10, 2007
A really fat person who is annoying as hell.
Damn that fat fuck wont stop bothering me! he's so annoying!
by sa67 April 06, 2009
fat fuck (noun)
1. Someone with a body-mass-index of 50 or over.
2. Someone who is wider around than they are tall.
1. When Jimmy gained the last 50 pounds, he crossed the line from morbidly obese to fat fuck.
2. As she chewed Wonka's three-course-meal gum, Violet Beauregarde rapidly swelled to fat fuck proportions.
by xantres42 February 13, 2009
Taking one roll of fat on one side, inserting dick and then on the other side of the dick put another roll of fat. Then thrust. Basically a titty fuck with fat.
Me- You guys do anything last night?
You- Not much, but I fat fucked the shit out of her!
Me- What could you not find her vagina?
by Zach aka Convoluted April 21, 2008
A digusting mix of FAT & stupidity!
My dead ex-husband Andy N. was a fat fuck
by poophole123 April 10, 2007
you are as fat as fuck
that bitch was a fat fuck