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the female hamburger a.k.a va-jay-jay or put simply, vagina.
dan likes his girlfriend's fat china.
by fat chinese dan April 01, 2008
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vagina, vag, va jay jay, taco, fanny, punani.. you get my drift.
1. "Go eat your mum's fat china."

2. "I finally waxed my china!"
by FATCHINA August 25, 2008
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This is something you can play in the car. The driver can say it whenever he likes and without fail, the passenger must wind down his window and scream it so hard that their voice box explodes at whoever is outside. Yes, even if it's a fat chinese man. Endless fun!
Only advice is don't do it when coming up towards some red traffic lights unless you're really living on the edge!
Driver: Oh my god, look at him! Fat China, quick!
Passenger: Aw man really? He's got a swasticker tattoo...
Passenger: Argh, fiine! *winds down window* FAAATT CHINAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
by ChocolateCoveredRaisin June 22, 2009
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