n. 1)A cat who doesn't get fed very much, and overeats when they do get fed.
n. 2)A cat who you THINK is big boned, but really is fat.
n. 3)Change fat to phat- A cool cat. Possibly fat. It depends.
1) Sorry Mr. Pussy Wussy, I'm out of food. Maybe I'll feed you next month.
2) Guy One: Aweh, look, I think your cat's big boned. How cute!
Guy Two: Shut up, he's FAT! He's a FAT CAT! He's going in the county fair!
3)a) Guy One: Your cat just knocked over your Christmas tree HAHAHAHA! What a loser.
Guy Two: Naa man, he's phat.
b) Guy One: Your cat is phat, man.
Guy Two: Excuse me?!
Guy One: P-H-A-T
by FatCatLover101 December 06, 2009
Rich peoples.
Look, there's some FATCATS.
by DaMan November 06, 2003
Greedy, bottom line business person who exploits people and the economy for vested interests.
Damn that fat cat Mitt Romney. He'll destroy the country, and the world.
by whoamireallyyyy July 31, 2012
a girl that wears her pants really high and it pushes her crotch and wears a weave and talks like shes black
yo, that girl has a fatcat
by kwendyl fartfuss February 27, 2009
a very fat vagina, with excess fat around the lips and vaginal bone.
"daayyumm, that bitch has a fat cat!"
by mobh.bihhtch.mfer. June 14, 2009
Any Corporate Big shot only interested in chasing personal wealth.
Any CEO of any Major Company.

"I hate those Fatcat's at (insert phone company)"
by thincat11 August 26, 2009
When someone follows a trend just because they think its cool
I hate that Gemma likes soccer just because the world cup is on at the moment, she is such a Fatcat
by litterbug39 October 07, 2012
The simpilest definition is a girl with an extended clitoris who is posing to be a poser.
Amy: Oh my god. Look at her!
John: What about her?
Amy: Oh Gordon told me she is a Fat Cat
by Georgiodone November 30, 2010

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