Group of heavy-set men with a taste for alcohol, music, and twinkies. Often travel in combinations with lopods and/or women with low standards. Despise preppies.
The bar was quiet until the fat boys arrived.
by The Humanatee January 24, 2010
Top Definition
Someone who just eats constantly everyday and never excersises or does shit about it
Brian, Milton, and Andy are fat boys but PABLO IS ONE FAT BITCH!!!
by Jeff June 28, 2004
boomer is also called fatboy
shut up fatboy!!! shut up fatboy!!
by Doovid January 05, 2008
A overly thin white boy that can easily eat 10x as much as anyone, and yet, not pack on a single pound. Moreover, he will continue to pull things out to eat after a meal has been served. (fatboy, fatboyish, fatboying, fatboyed)
"Holy shit, look at fatboy go, he just finished off that bag of Oreos, and now he's making four bags of instant Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal!"

"Hope you got some food back at your place, I'm feeling fatboyish!"

"After I smoked last night, I fatboyed three cans of Pringles!"
by Andrew74 January 27, 2006
A big ginormous boy with man titis.Also a person who refers to them self as chubby, big bone, fluffy.With a funny name usually named after a charicter off south park
person 1:hey i want some of that pizza
person 2:No fat boy
person 1:im not fat im just big bones
person 2:No ur a fat ass now sit down n shut the fuck up
person 1:Fine i wanted donuts anyway

by Mz.Pooh.Babii October 19, 2007
someone who eats constantly and can't get off their obese ass to get a job.
hey fat boy, yea you, sal, get the fuck up and get a job and stop eating so much then maybe you can get some chicks
by lonw August 25, 2007
A large hamburger generally found in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It consists of a hamburger patty, chili, quartered dill pickle, onions, mustard and a lot of mayonnaise. Usually the burger is too tall to fit in your mouth so you eat it by squeezing or using a fork or both.
I ate a fatboy with chili fries and now I don'y have room for a shake.
by Andrew Edwards December 19, 2005
A fat, or well-stuffed, joint
Roll me a fat boy, my good man!
by R-2 D-Tox November 07, 2005
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