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The avaricious, gluttonous, apathetic American who uses a disproportionate amount of resources, yet claims that it is their fair share that they are using, without a care for the needy of the world, or the environment.
His clothes are manufactured by children in a Chinese sweatshop and he drives a gas guzzling Hummer. He might not know what affect his consumption has on the world, but if he did, he wouldn't care because he is a Fat American.
by fatamerican February 16, 2009
A tautology, because all Americans are fat, obese, eat-monsters.

In America, weighing 400lb constitutes being thin.
Person # 1: "Dude, scope that fat American."
Person # 2: "Is there any other kind?"
by Eleni Bozia March 07, 2005
Term used by much of the English speaking world to define the causes of all the worlds failings, Fat Americans know no love, sympathy, or empathy, all they know is the directions to the nearest McDonald's to lard up, complain about high fuel prices, support international poverty and block social reforms.
Person 1: why is my Netherlands house being swamped by seawater?

Person 2: Because the Fat Americans cannot be bothered to walk more than 5 metres so drive instead.

Person 1: ahh i see

Person A: Why is my country in so much dept?

Person B: Because the Fat Americans wanted sub-prime mortgages

Person A: Motherfukers
by mundaun April 24, 2010
Citizen of the United States, so called to distinguish them from all the other Americans.
Yes, I'm an American but I'm from Brazil, not a Fatamerican.
by theamerica April 04, 2010
An idiotic term used by many English speaking countries to dehumanize Americans and blame them for all their problems. The object is to portray US citizens as lard machines who are directly or indirectly causing the end of the world.
Person A: Why doesn't this American bank teller speak french!
Person B: Because all those fat Americans can think of is McDonalds.

Person A: Where the fuck are my keys!
Person B: Its all those fat Americans.
by flash3d8 March 21, 2011
A word that little vagina's from other countries say to try and make fun of us americans, but are actually just jealous that their country is a piece of shit and can't get any resources that they desire or make any money to spoil themselves like we can.
American (playing COD or something): oh dang i just got shot in the back lol

Random British Guy: shaht up u fat american(faht american) !

American: Oh wow go see denist you goofy toothed son of a bitch
by marshall mathers the king December 30, 2010
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