F.a.t. (figure out wat it stands for!)
fuckin loser
who no one likes
a total mother ****** !
burn in hell!!
Dude 1: She's a ...
Dudel 2: Damn rite! That fuckin whore bitch is gonna burn in hell!
Dude 1: Hell ya! LMFAO!!!
Dude 3: Holla!
by none February 10, 2005
one who enjoys cookies, chips, cake, and cholesteral sticks. fat people don't like exercise and they sweat after they walk from the pantry to the refrigerator.
i hear there's a sale at buskin
by jake January 19, 2005
Initials for Fit As Tit.
Similar to Fit as Fuck!
"That guy is FAT" said zara pointing to a goodlooking anorexic boy.
by Jemmaaa April 23, 2006
fuckin amazin or fucking amazing
dude! that song's fat
by FATFATFATFAT July 01, 2005
cool acordin 2 damn townies
My new stuff is fat!!
by GO GREBS! February 16, 2003
Fat is really just the term of being over the normal weight. Let's say you're a pre-teen alright? You have to be about 70-80 pounds. Yet, you're 100. Being fat isn't bad, but is a common insult and used by bullies often. Being fat is basically overweight. It's mostly bad, due to that if you are, you might get sick more easily. Bad huh? That's why today, (and I'll try not to disrespect my country, but) most Americans are quite a little packed up with weight. It's not THEIR fault, I'd probably just blame the food served now a days. In this case, fast food. You know, McDonalds, Burger King? That stuff is fast food. It's full of fat, calories basically. It's not the humans fault they're fat. Like I said, it's basically blaming the original creator of the food. I'm sure nobody wanted to be fat, but we'll have to deal with it.
She was one of the fat girls in school. Bullied a lot, ate more than she usually has to. It's not her fault, only fate. Who knows, she might get down to a good weight?
by Coraline the Master Angler June 16, 2015
A word that crosses our minds 24/7.
Fat is me.
by Yena_. April 24, 2015

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