one who enjoys cookies, chips, cake, and cholesteral sticks. fat people don't like exercise and they sweat after they walk from the pantry to the refrigerator.
i hear there's a sale at buskin
by jake January 19, 2005
Initials for Fit As Tit.
Similar to Fit as Fuck!
"That guy is FAT" said zara pointing to a goodlooking anorexic boy.
by Jemmaaa April 23, 2006
fuckin amazin or fucking amazing
dude! that song's fat
by FATFATFATFAT July 01, 2005
cool acordin 2 damn townies
My new stuff is fat!!
by GO GREBS! February 16, 2003
A word that crosses our minds 24/7.
Fat is me.
by Yena_. April 24, 2015
A word used to put other people down, when no one realizes that most standards now are unrealistic and being 'fat' isn't real.
She's fat. "No she's not."
You're fat, kill yourself. "Thanks."
by GiRlWhObLoGs April 07, 2015
something you should never call a person
never call some fat boy or girl
by abbey b December 18, 2014

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