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A lazy, slothful condition in the mind leading to an affliction of the body, whereas one's healthy body weight is doubled or tripled emmanating a disgusting view of blubber that has become akin to all "land whale's". In a perfect world, stretch pants would be unlawful for these bulbous monstrosities.......
"Your momma's so fat, she's turning white" and "she's so fat she uses a blanket for a wash cloth" or "your so fat you got moons orbitting around you"
by cunninglinguist September 11, 2005
usually used to describe people that eat too much MvDonalds or other places that make people fat like whorehouses
if u keep eating them cookies u gonna get fat bitch
by Loafers June 08, 2005
Being overwieght or huge, or having the rings of saturn. Which is when your fat you fat pulls your stomach down which causes stretch marks to ciculate around the hole in ocean of chunkage. Maybe a man whocombs his hair constantly or says whatev like a gay meng.
Dude... dude andys is such a piece of shit all i can say is ... fat.
by Gunitjesus May 26, 2006
The state of being lazy and just lazing around on the the couch like some big fat person would do.
"G-d, I was so fat yesterday"
"Yea, your such a fat bum"
by Shuriken of Doooooooom! November 07, 2005
F.a.t. (figure out wat it stands for!)
fuckin loser
who no one likes
a total mother ****** !
burn in hell!!
Dude 1: She's a ...
Dudel 2: Damn rite! That fuckin whore bitch is gonna burn in hell!
Dude 1: Hell ya! LMFAO!!!
Dude 3: Holla!
by none February 10, 2005
one who enjoys cookies, chips, cake, and cholesteral sticks. fat people don't like exercise and they sweat after they walk from the pantry to the refrigerator.
i hear there's a sale at buskin
by jake January 19, 2005
Initials for Fit As Tit.
Similar to Fit as Fuck!
"That guy is FAT" said zara pointing to a goodlooking anorexic boy.
by Jemmaaa April 23, 2006