Pronouced "fite"

A fairly generic term for a person. Used mainly for males, as females often view it as an insult.
"Hey, wee fät, come over here!"
by Macro Heartache April 10, 2007
A playful way to joke around with ones close friends who are eating most of your food. Not really meaning to say that they are overweight, but you just say that to make them sotp eating there food. Also used if you want people to give you there food.
Hey casey stop being fat and eating my food.

Hey person I don't know. You seem really fat, do you think you should be eating that fat covered, dipped in fat, smothered in animal fat, 50 grams of each Saturated, Mono unsaturated, Poly unsaturated fat, dripping with pure fat apple?
by danibee April 01, 2006
someone named tyler hoadley
tyler hoadley your suffacating me you fat fuck(hannah hardingis speaking)
by blfch fvcmnukvberyghc October 14, 2011
Mudassar is the official meaning of fat. It is used in the middle west. It also means that this certain mudassar person eats soooooooo much that, he is the reason for the starvation World wide. It can be used as a curse.
YOOO, wit dat big Fat booty, your such a Mudassar, BITCH!!!
by Zakatulhada August 02, 2010
someone who eats loads of food then deniys it and takes extreme offence . Also they seem to think they are realy slim and bitch about other peoples weight
*three friends sit at a table in the cantine sharing a bar of candy girl 1 & 2 are realy slim but girl 3 is a bit on the porker side and eats the last square of candy*

girl1:oi ,ya porker that was the last piece
girl3:what evs you cant talk flabby mc flabbers, i did you a favour eating that or you would have gotten fatter!
girl2:thats realy out of order..
girl:and you cant shut the fuck up to , as long as two are happy being fat than thats fine but i have to keep trim.

*and with that walks (wobbles) off*
by jodie the pretty October 16, 2009
Jim: Where did you go for your holiday last month?
Don: Ahh i went to America
Jim: Ahhhh fat!
by Calum yiken? June 01, 2009
a word that actual obese people are terrified of, so they madly defend themselves on urban dictionary claiming they are allergic to exercise and healthy eating.

fat people cannot say it is a result of multiple causes because everyone knows it is a load of crap. these are the people that see commercials for diet pills and think "OH MY GOD! its not my fault i'm fat, it wasnt those gummy bears and popcorn, I"M JUST STRESSEC OUT!!!"
FAT PERSON: I am fat because my mother beat me and i was upset so i ate at the buffet.

FIT PERSON: No, sweetheart, you're fat because you overate and didnt exercise, ignored the fact that you were gaining weight for a long time and then woke up one morning and said "gee, im really really fat (cries)
by nothingnotmuch May 28, 2008

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