People who cannot help there disease, fat people suffer from A terrible disease, symptoms include (but not limited too) food tasting good, food tasting extremal good, food magically finding its way to ones mouth or hand, the Erg to eat small rodents and animals, being terrified of salad's/Fruit (especially lettuce its like the fat persons kryptonite), small children and house hold object orbiting the fat person, feeling like your the sexiest person on the planet, feeling the need to ware a bikini even though they make you look like freshly made sausages (you know the ones that are tied in a knot between each one?) and using the term "big boned" when called fat. If you find your self suffering form any of these symptoms please contact a local physician, or the nearest witch doctor if you cant fit into the Doctors Office
Bob- My God John You Are Fat!

John- No I'm Not

Bob- John Little Jimmy From Next Door And Your TV Are Orbiting Around You! Hey, Where'd That sausage Come From?

John- Hey this is a disease to us Big Boned people

Bob- dont you think you should see a doctor?
by TheOrangeType August 26, 2011
Grace helbig: look at that girl commenting on comments.. New viewser viewser..
viewser: Ur FAT
Grace helbig : yeah i am. Fierce, Awesome and Talented.
by your mom 10001 May 29, 2013
Fat /fat/ adjective, fat·ter, fat·test.
Disgustingly disappointing; not able to perform or behave in an acceptable manner.
Ex1: Dude, you're being fat right now by not coming to the show with us.
Ex2: Dude I was so disappointed with that performance; It was pretty fat.
by SpiderBat :D August 18, 2011
Massive, will do well, excellent, to describe the huge enjoyment for an object or thing such as music or a film.
'that new tune is fat'.
by Long Johns July 01, 2011
Fucking Ass Terrorist
Jeff: Wow, look at Josh, hes so dumb
Jake: Yea, i know, hes a F.A.T.
Jeff: Hahaha Yes, he so totally is!
by DragAmen April 06, 2009
F.A.T stands for Fucking Ass Tard. It can be used as a great comeback. You just call someone FAT and they shut up. It is great, especially when they do not know what it means.
Joe "you are an ass wipe"

Bob " Well you're F.A.T!!!!
by Tig2 March 04, 2008
the new definition of (being,acting, or any possible way of being except for the physical state Fat.

F.A.T (FAT ASS TROLL!!) : universal word to describe any behavior in wich you'd like. usually negative. being fat is trying to get a rise out of someone. Forcing them to respond to you, either through wise-crackery, posting incorrect information, asking blatantly stupid questions, or other foolishness. However, fat statements are never true or are ever meant to be construed as such. Nearly all fat statements are meant to be inappropriate to everyone.

This is when people say stuff that they know will prompt someone to respond with a fat reply and/or replying to comments that are blatantly from a fat ass troll. This is especially true when a fat fuck first makes his comment/reply, and (usually many) people respond, either trying to correct the troll, express anger at the statement.

If you ever experience behavior as such.. you should say to the person (with this face ---> -_- )in a very distrubed tone " ur fat" or "ur fucking fat" or even "woww ur fuckin fat" this can be categorized as morbid humor xD
ex 1 guy1 hey dude wat u doin

guy2 nothin just playing tererria

guy1 ur fucking fat -_-

ex2 guy1 dude text me

guy2 cant im in church

guy1 wow ur fucking fat u dont evengo to church -_-
by im just a guy.. u can call me January 10, 2012
Are cells the body uses to store energy.


An adjective used to describe some one who is either above recommended weight in fat or over misunderstood Idea of weight in fat which is usually one number set for all people regardless of hight ,sex, level of fitness, and sometimes age. the adjective form of fat is also confused with other words like unhealthy, lazy, and ugly.
In a negative use: Get away from me and take your ugly fat with you.

In a neutral use: I fell that you being fat may not be good for your health

In a positive use: Your fat, but you make it look good.
by The shinny shadow March 25, 2011

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