People who cannot help there disease, fat people suffer from A terrible disease, symptoms include (but not limited too) food tasting good, food tasting extremal good, food magically finding its way to ones mouth or hand, the Erg to eat small rodents and animals, being terrified of salad's/Fruit (especially lettuce its like the fat persons kryptonite), small children and house hold object orbiting the fat person, feeling like your the sexiest person on the planet, feeling the need to ware a bikini even though they make you look like freshly made sausages (you know the ones that are tied in a knot between each one?) and using the term "big boned" when called fat. If you find your self suffering form any of these symptoms please contact a local physician, or the nearest witch doctor if you cant fit into the Doctors Office
Bob- My God John You Are Fat!

John- No I'm Not

Bob- John Little Jimmy From Next Door And Your TV Are Orbiting Around You! Hey, Where'd That sausage Come From?

John- Hey this is a disease to us Big Boned people

Bob- dont you think you should see a doctor?
by TheOrangeType August 26, 2011
A word once used to mean "overweight", which has now changed meanings. Now it is used by thin white males referring to their sedentary, lethargic, or just plain lazy life styles.
I can't do the dishes, I'm to fat.

Dude, are you saying your so fat that you won't even walk upstairs?
by Cannibalguppy May 30, 2003
Fashionable - Artistic - Trendsetters
Used in the Pac Div song "Ima F.A.T. Boy"
It is the word to describe the artistic background for the underground L.A. rap group "Pacific Division" aka "Pac Div"
yo, Ima F.A.T. boy.
by Brandon - aka B-dog April 25, 2008
Heavy,Overweight,Large body.
I am getting fat.
You get fat if you eat to much junk food.
by Karren Omarsbars September 28, 2007
Fuck All That Shit
I was like FATS to that
by Hell isfor hero May 12, 2009
Type of food you eat when you are drunk or etc.Can be found In a local convience store.Also a blonde haired guy thats works at a local hotel
Yo man lets go to the store and grab some fats.
by hackthegibson24 August 29, 2007
A sarcastic term for skinny people.
Omg he's so thin

No he's überfat
by Vipee April 19, 2010
The property of being naked and aroused without being able to see your own erection.

Matt was so fat after eating 50 chicken nuggets he couldn't even see his own boner while he was changing.
by SJ. October 13, 2007

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