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a large joint.
"I just rolled myself a fat one."
by bgt April 01, 2003
73 11
A penis, specifically a bulbous or "chode" like member. Less of a "shlong" more of a "wang".
"Slap a fat one in your mouth and STFU"
by Colly February 22, 2005
38 23
A person who is fat. Combines the words fat and one, and is pronounced like the name of the former NSync singer Joey "Fatone"
Wow, that new girl in the department sure is a fatone.
by Vinbob September 29, 2006
11 2
1) large penis 2) fat chick
I slapped a fat one with my fat one!
by MBC April 01, 2003
25 18
An overly sized penis (like my own).
Nice hair faggot. Choke on a fat one fucker!
by Huge fucking dick April 01, 2004
12 52