extremelty fat person or animal. so fat that they have extreme cases of lard in them.
william hickson
by Morgan Rennie May 15, 2003
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Some one fat, lazy and wierd. They have alot of lard and can be very fat. A diss to someone who is a fat lard, is a fat face.
You fat lard stop it!
by zak March 24, 2005
Term used to refer to a very large overweight person who is disliked or quite annoying. Usually used as a revenge phrase to shut up a fat person after they have annoyed you
Hey, i heard you were getting a new phone!

No, shut up you Fat Lard!
by Rossco The Phrase Coiner April 16, 2009
A person who is overwhelmingly immense, whose shadow can create a "lipid eclipse", who decides to take up all four corners when told to hide in a corner, and who lacks self esteem.
Brian D. tends to be a fatlard.
by Big Beto November 13, 2007
A big piece of bacon used to lard meat...
Sebastian Feldhofer's Dad is a Fat Lard
by Weirdodede April 30, 2011
A person who is fat and lardy. An insult, sort of. Sometiimes a term of endearment.
Person 1: You're such a fatlard....!
Person 2: *runs away crying*
by the fatlards August 22, 2009
Someone who is fat & just sits on the couch like a fat lard.
Ewww, look at that fat bitch, Michelle
. She's such a fat lard, always laying there & eating.
by Shortyyy3054 November 02, 2014

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