fat fuck (noun) a person who is annoying and obese. and would be called a 'fucker' but to add more effect they are called fat fuck instead.

fat fuck (verb) this meaning is having sex with a obese person male or female at least one of the people must be fat in order for it to be called fat fuck.
some obese kid: hey at least im not anorexic
some kid getting yelled at: ahah im not anorexic but i aint a fat fuck like you.
*fat fuck got pwnd*

nerd: i totally had fat fuck with tracy after prom
someone that isnt a nerd: yea w/e
by xd4rksidex June 22, 2007
Top Definition
A dangerous combination of massive obesity and stupidity.
Try losing some weight you fat fuck.
by tt April 02, 2003
He might be revealing the truth, he might be spreading communist propaganda but this fat fuck sure needs a diet plan.
by Dubmeister October 05, 2005
Noun - A person who is not only over weight and often ridiculed for it, but is also obnoxious and annoying.

Adjective - A word commonly used to describe unliked fat people who annoy the fuck out of everyone and can't take a hint or lose weight.
1) After missing the basket, that fat fuck Shane kicked the basketball in a fit of rage and drove off to Wendy's.
2) At Wendy's, the same fat fuck proceeded to order water with his 5 cheeseburgers in hope of eating healthier.
by Wobo King June 12, 2009
1. (Verb) When an obese person lets another party squish two of his or her fat rolls together simulating a pair of breasts in order for said "other party" to fuck. Similar to Titty Fuck using fat rolls instead of boobs. Also called FF, Gut Fuck or Gu-Fu (Goo Foo).
Cindy was very resourceful. She proudly took on eight guys at once. Although technically only three of them actually penetrated, the other five just Fat Fucked her and called it a night.
by Uncle Jesse April 07, 2005
a person who is horizontally challenged or over weight.
"yo get up off o dat chair you fat fuck"
"leave my food alone you've had enough you fat fuck"
by MC SHITHEAD May 24, 2005
An over populated species on earth. Rapidly increasing the growth of fast food restaurants world wide. So fat even there fat rolls have nicknames. One who could possibly remain a virgin for life. Specimin placed here to make normal people like you and I look better. People who are ashamed of admitting that the strong survive and the fat eat everything in Gods creation. One who can stare anirexia in the eye and then eat it.
zack sure is a fat fuck
by george jones November 15, 2006
A person wose belly folds over his or her pants.
Mike hoffer,Ed Grabinski, Mark(shitdick) Gustiduas
by Mark Lankowski September 17, 2003
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