a large quantity of cannibus chopped up with tobacco in a bowl so that people may pack fat cones as they please and get chonged as
fat chop
ridicoulos deals
getting loose
packin' it fat
by looseunit June 30, 2008
Top Definition
1-a ridiculously lazy person; someone posted up on the couch constantly.

2-someone terrible at something, whether it be a sport or an activity or life
Jordan, quit laying around on facebook all day. You're a fat chop.

Look at that guy trying to play golf over there! What a fat chop.
by cgp24 September 20, 2009
the fat under your ballsack (only occurs in extremely obese humans, like me)
man, my fat chops are gettin all sweaty!
Better get the squeegie!
by fat mike April 17, 2004
Northern English term for a big fat lad with a big fat face. Chops are cheeks.

It means fat face.
'Oi, fat chops, when you've stop stuffing the remainder of that kebab into your trap the taxi's waiting'
by Fat Chops March 16, 2016
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