a female that is fat, usually trying to be sexy.

See variations sealfuck, blubber fuck, blubberfuck, whalefuck or whale fuck. Not all fat chicks are just fat chicks, they are all attractive to someone depending upon their fat style.
We were cruising, finding nothing, then about 1 a.m. we ran into a group of 5 fat chicks. No need for one of us to fall on the grenade, we just each did one.
by Jake March 06, 2004
1. Women who have been abused verbally and/or physically and take it out on their own bodies in the form of food and slothfulness.
2. Fat women who are loud and arrogant. Thunderous footsteps and the sound of a cowbell normally proceed their arrival. When asked their hobbies, they proudly tell you Crisco and mayonnaise, then they start hitting on you. When rejected they either become more noisy and annoying or revert to definition #1.
Both examples fail to realize that 20 min. a day exercise and a good diet may get them the attention they crave so badly.
Hey look at those fat, annoying, loud ass fat chicks. Which ones? The ones in the corner making bigfoot noises and pouring out their gravy boat onto their buttered chicken.
by heiferfarmer May 25, 2006
Women who are overweight yet still exude a sexual magnetism. Usually the girls you are seriously hot for, but are holding back cause you don't know what your friends are gonna think.
Dude A says "Dude what do you think of that fat chick over there?"
Dude B says "Damn dude, I didn't know you was a chubby chaser!"
by Prissy June 06, 2005
The type of women ICP likes.
"And I come with hat full of tricks, trunk full of Faygo, car full of fat chicks" - Hokus Pokus by ICP
by JackofSpades April 15, 2008
Women who exceed the average body weight needed to use legs in walking.
Gallo, Gow Gare Gou, No Fat Chicks, kthnxbye.
by _NeMeSiS_ March 06, 2003
A girl that many men pretend to detest and be disgusted by, but actually have a strong desire for.
Dude: Eww look at that fat chick I think I'm gonna be sick
Dude(In his mind): Damn look at her, I would fuck her all night long.
by asdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdff June 02, 2008
a night of raw dubstep,reggae,electro,drum and bass old school hip hop.

ORIGIN old english-west hampstead london
to have a wicked night out:i had a fatchick night
by supasullie May 22, 2009
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