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1) the act of masturbating when in a hurry

2) masturbation under time-restrictions
my parents were coming home soon so I had to fasturbate
by Chris "KMoney" Mason November 28, 2005
Masturbating as fast as possible.
I was in a hurry last night so I had to fasturbate.
by b9xxx January 08, 2008
To conciously make a descision to not masturbate for a set period of time for religious reasons.
1) Bob fasturbated the week before his trip to Costa Rica for fear that God would down his plane if he didn't.
2) Oh, it's good Friday? I better fasturbate.
by mirror-noir September 28, 2009
When you masturbate really hard to send yourself to sleep.
When you masturbate really hard because you hear a noise from the building you're in but have to finish.
I heard the keys in the door so I fasturbated
by Eboracum December 03, 2014
the act of pleasuring oneself quickly so that they can get off before their roommates come back.
"Dude, why are you so sweaty?"

"While you were in the bathroom, I felt the need to fasturbate."
by CasimirdaGreat October 28, 2012
When a male, who is sharing a room with another male, decides to pleasure himself quickly, despite the possiblity of his roommate walking in.
Chris- Ever since I startes college, I haven't been able to masturbate. I wish I didn't have a roommate.

John- Just do what I do, and fasturbate!
by Half-a-Minute Man December 11, 2013
The quick and painless act of masturbating in a time period of less than 5 minutes. Usually applies to young middle school students with a small penis and a weak sense of longevity. Can be good for breaks between classes and/or in class.
"Jebus, I really hope that the teacher doesn't catch me beatin' the meat, because I am terribly ashamed of my small penis. What if she laughs at me! Well, I guess i better fasturbate to make it quick!"

Judy: "Oh Steven come down on me!"
Steven: "Well, we have 10 feet till we get to the pick-up window to get our food. Can you fasturbate with me?"
Judy:"Oh yes! That would be lovely!"
by Sarga April 02, 2008
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