To get extremely intoxicated. A step higher than the term "wasted". The word comes from when "fucking wasted" is used together. Fasted is a shortened version of that.
"Let's go get fasted at the bar!"

"I got fasted and threw up everywhere last night."
by Julio Escavez September 10, 2006
Top Definition
v. 1 to get destroyed and humiliated utterly; OWNED. 2. the act of utilizing something.

Origin: from Mplayer Team Fortress online gaming. Started by members of MOB, Massive Threat, otz, etc.
"Sleazy got fasted up the hard."

"Gringo's BBC fasted multiple victims last night...repeatedly."
by Taimaishu May 24, 2004
Fake wasted. An alcoholic placebo.
Knowing that Sierra had never actually been wasted, her friends gave her what she thought was a very strong mix drink.
she was totally fasted even though it was only lemonade.
by Clemmentine September 04, 2007
1. To get fucking wasted. 2. The White person's equivalent to getting crunk.
Tonight we're all going to get fasted at the party.
by danjoe October 14, 2010
to be presented with something that's unusually large
I was totaly fasted the other day!
by Clarabelle Sari September 20, 2006
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