Taken only occasionally (like once a week), the quick and exquisitely delicious food of the gods, require no preparation whatsoever besides the adding of delicious condiments, eaten quickly so you can get back to your busy life.

Taken often or too quickly in a short time, a horribly greasy foodstuff that will leave you with such short-term side effects like headache, vertigo, and a bad feeling in the stomach, not too mention more serious long-term effects. Can also drain your wallet if eaten too often.

The guilty pleasure of almost all people in the industrialized world (especially the Americans, and I'm an American and I acknowledge that).
I sat down for a meal of fast food with my friends Taco Bell. I haven't had them in a long time and they were damn excellent! The flavor mixed perfectly and my trusty cup of Mountain Dew washed it down perfectly...

After eating a half pound cheeseburger and medium fries for dinner two days in a row, Erick began to feel dizzy, felt the runs coming on, and wished he hadn't gotten the 1/2 pounder and large plate of fries.
by LoveTheCheeseburger January 17, 2011
food that fat fuckers eat if they're hungry and then sue the company because they're poor and theyre total fatasses
c'mon mommy let's eat at mcdonald's we can get a wiener burger, then we can go to NAWGLA
by PlayDohMan April 24, 2004
Food that comes with twice the grease at half the cost, usually stored with excessive packaging and paper napkins.
I don't feel like cooking tonight. Let's go get fast food.
by Kate October 13, 2003
food that's hard to catch. see fast food chain
Look at that hamburger go!
by Journas October 17, 2003
Food on the run for busy, hungry people.
Eating fast food can be tiresome, let's cook something at home.
by Saints October 22, 2003
The worst quality food known to mankind!
MacDonald's mmm lovely, traces of faeces (true!) in every bite!
by Tracy March 23, 2004
crappy food soaked in oil from mcdonalds or burger king that has fake smell juice on it.
Lets go get some heart-clogging fast food.
by person October 13, 2003
The sole cause of obesity in this country.
Fast food is almost the single-worst thing a person can injest in their body.
by krock1dk January 04, 2008

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