food that's hard to catch. see fast food chain
Look at that hamburger go!
by Journas October 17, 2003
Disgusting, heavy loaded in calories and fat and unknown crap, fast food is convienient and easy to get if you don't have time to get a decent meal. Fast food is also cheap and usually you can buy lunch for less than five bucks. In the end, however, you would be paying hundreds of dollars to get rid of all that fat.
Innocent child: Mmmm burgers! Yum! Hey mom look at this cool toy they gave in my Happy Meal. Let's indulge ourselves in a Happy Meal every two weeks!

Some 30 years later--
same person:"Oh no! Going to the gym is getting expensive..wish I never ate all those Happy Meals when I was a kid..hell, I paid 3 bucks every time for a Crappy meal to go inside me. damn fast food!"
(looks at their flabby but not` fab. body)
some passerby: yeah well you know what they say, what goes around comes back around!
by Just another..teenager September 06, 2008
1). Food you eat when you are out on the road because you are too far away and/or not heading home.

2). Food you eat when its dads turn to cook.

3). Causes or can cause gout, kidney stones, severe depression, hypertension, heart pelpatations, myocardial infarctions (heart attack) heart failure, mood swings, headaches, high blood pressure, high cholestrol......but is the best thing in the world so you keep eating it.
Kids in the car with mom and dad, on their way to their family reunion in Virginia: We've been driving for hours!

Mom: If you stop complaining, we'll go to Burger King for fast food.

Kids: Yaaaaaaaayy!!!!!!
by hungrychance14 January 01, 2011
Taken only occasionally (like once a week), the quick and exquisitely delicious food of the gods, require no preparation whatsoever besides the adding of delicious condiments, eaten quickly so you can get back to your busy life.

Taken often or too quickly in a short time, a horribly greasy foodstuff that will leave you with such short-term side effects like headache, vertigo, and a bad feeling in the stomach, not too mention more serious long-term effects. Can also drain your wallet if eaten too often.

The guilty pleasure of almost all people in the industrialized world (especially the Americans, and I'm an American and I acknowledge that).
I sat down for a meal of fast food with my friends Taco Bell. I haven't had them in a long time and they were damn excellent! The flavor mixed perfectly and my trusty cup of Mountain Dew washed it down perfectly...

After eating a half pound cheeseburger and medium fries for dinner two days in a row, Erick began to feel dizzy, felt the runs coming on, and wished he hadn't gotten the 1/2 pounder and large plate of fries.
by LoveTheCheeseburger January 17, 2011
Food that is ordered at a "fast food" restaurant and is considered to be made faster. Although this food is often made faster, it makes you slower in every other way due to a lack of nutrients and fiber.
I need to stop eating fast food. I can't seem to get an erection anymore.
by Erectile Dysfuction August 12, 2009
Eating out a girl while she is driving.
I gave my girlfriend some fast food on the way back from our trip.
by IamKalm March 13, 2010
food that races to your asshole as soon as its consumed. bean burritos, whoppers, monte carlos, buffalo wings. usually has so much horse power it transforms from solid to liquid state before the finish line.
i need a toilet i just had some fast food.
by slanski March 19, 2008
The worst drug currently plaguing this country. Way worse than cigarettes, pot, alcohol, or even a lot of "hard drugs" for that matter.

Seriously, how many people do you know who've gained 800 lbs of pure lard from smoking a pack of cigarettes a day? How many 7 year old kids weigh 400 lbs from smoking a bowl on occasion? Since when does beer contain traces of rat poison, cow feces, and juice from the pimply fry cook who just popped his zits and smeared it all over your fries?

Ironically fast food is also the most socially acceptable drug to be addicted to - we actually live in a country were a person can get thrown in jail for smoking a gram of weed, but a mother is allowed to feed her kid 5 Big Macs a day until the kid weighs 400 lbs at age 7 (true story).
---Fast food hypocrisy---

Example 1:

Random dude - *Lights cigarette*

Obsese smoke Nazi - "Ew do you know how bad for you that is? *Chomps on Whopper* You must be mentally challenged if you're going to inhale that disgusting crap into your body... *beeellllchhhh* ... ahh, that hit the spot. Time for my 4th Extra Large Whopper combo of the day.

Example 2:

Rush Limbaugh - Pot should be banned because it's a toxic and unhealthy substance and the only ones who want it legalized are a bunch of braindead librul hippie communists who sit on the beach and get high while they're waiting on their welfare checks. Now time for a quick commercial break... *Gorges on a Bic Mac, takes it with an Oxycontin tab, and downs it all with a bottle of Jack*
by SlickSammy9393 April 05, 2011
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