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A blatantly regurgitated, prepackaged opinion. An opinion that requires no research, independent thought, wit, or creativity of one's own. Generally political, or theological in nature.
"John always re-posts political messages on Facebook. I'm tired of hearing his fast food opinions."

"Fox News is the nation's leading purveyor of fast food opinions."
by BrokeTilTuesday January 17, 2011
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A blatantly regurgitated, prepackaged opinion. An opinion that requires no research, understanding of the multitude of elements involved, or independent synthesis of the data available. Generally political, or theological, but almost always polarizing in nature.


Often originating from best selling books on said topics written by authors that disregard scholarly objections to their opinions and instead focus on the criticism of the groups they are critiquing.

Also commonly originating in politically motivated cable television shows masquerading as news broadcasts, the opinion based article section of a newspaper, and rhetoric blaring radio shows.
Most of time Jane/John doe relies on fast food opinions instead of understanding the subject they are criticizing.

It's hard to take him/her seriously when they just spit out fast food opinions they heard on _____ last night.

I thought he/she had an unusually volatile opinion about ___ and when I asked him/her to explain it they seemed unable to understand what they had just said. I think it is safe to say they have fast food opinions.
by Nevera Nony Mouslyme January 27, 2011
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