An out-of-date clothing style, or other fad, that has been overtaken by something 'new', i.e. the old has been run over by the new.
Valley girls talking about Hippies: "Ewww! Fashion road kill!"
Other examples: Spandex; Disco; Grunge; Whatever is current NOW, etc.
by Havoc August 09, 2004
Top Definition
A model who trips and falls on the runway
Did you see her fall on the runway? She was fashion roadkill!
by mmmgirl March 12, 2004
This is a term used when someone, usually a girl wears an item of clothing that is tacky, cheap and just plain wrong.
Q) What is she wearing?, the colour is crap and it's 3 sizes too small.

a) Fashion Road Kill
by Natalie August 10, 2004
when a person tries to dress fashionable or thinks they are doing so but ends up looking ridiculous
celebrities are increasingly getting into situations of fashion roadkill.
by The Return of Light Joker November 27, 2009
Anyone who is into fashion or Sex and the City knows about the time when Carrie fell flat on her face in the middle of the runway during the fashion show. So that's what it is its when you fall in the middle of the runway during a fashion show.
OMG-did u see her fall? She's massive fashion road kill.
by Primadonna August 10, 2004
Someone who got run over by a road vehicel while lookin' extremely good.
Tom: did you see that girl get hit?

Bill: Yeah, she looked so good, such a waste.

Tom: yep, fashion road kill if yo ask me.
by mantanoman August 10, 2004
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