tbh, makes the world go round.

No one can turn around and say
" i don't follow fashion, its stupid, im individual"
because at the end of the day, your all posers if you do that.

Without fashion there would be no way of you to find yourself.
its the same with media, deep down we all aspire to be someone we are not.
and the media helps this, and brings this out in everyone.
we all want to stick our noses in celebs lives.
As it makes us feel better about our own.
new look-fashion wear

Every shop is a fashion.
by SLAM. May 21, 2007
what "cool" people wear, so theres no fuss caused or attention drawn. usually worn because they cant think for themselves, and need someone to slap something together and put a label on it, along with a high price tag on it so they'll buy it
the frilly stuff.... ugh... evil frills
aswell as the peasant stuff... probably the same as frills, but oh well.
by riot74 April 24, 2003
I freaking hate fashion with a passion, something that needs to be ABOLISHED from this known world.

Ugh, so many simpletons dedicating their lives to being superficial. I cant stand it.
A person decided to dress how they liked, how they thought would look cool, not to others.

They were then ridiculed by some generic blonde haired chick with 15 of her friends. Fashion, much like looks, passes away.

I once said to my friends "oh yeah, I forgot, the way that you dress determines the human being that you are"

Its all horrible, I tell you, horrible.
by Not Zane September 04, 2004
A good way to put together rotting leaves, spider webs, worm shit into something we call clothes to sell to idiots... to make money.
I'm gay. I like clothes. I'm fashionable
by 0kills February 13, 2010
A waste of time. No seriously, why would you want to follow the latest trends? You waste your hard earned money on something that's 'in' and then when it's out...well let's just say you're in deep shit!

I hate people who follow fashion. They're all close minded, dumb retards. I'll see you in hell...
People who follow fashion are retards. Enough said.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 21, 2006
The reason the whole world all dresses and acts the same.The reasons why everyone are a bunch of tattooed, pierced,missing their 4 front teeth carnival folk with a yeast infection and all hate George Bush.
Fashion makes hicks of you all.

You all think you are rebels and individuals....nothing could be farther from the truth.

I think Alice Cooper said it best: "We're all clones,all are one and one is all,all are one and one is all"...

You bloody unoriginal fucktards

see word rebel
by u stupid fashionistas May 16, 2004

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