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Fashionable adj. - fashion, noun - fashion, verb

Today this word seems to mean "anything that's too hideous and freaky to even wear on the catwalk - too freaky and garish for even Vivienne Westwood or John Galliano to contemplate showing".

It also means stuff that 5 years ago was being ignored in charity shops and jumble sales as being too frumpy and out-of-date.

Not so long ago, people would look at the shit that walked down the catwalk and just hang their mouth open cuz it was so godawful weird.(BTW - this definition almost exlusively applies to women of course. We were told, "oh the styles will be watered down before it gets to the shops for ordinary mortals to try to fucking figure out how to wear."
So by the time it got to the shops, it was almost unrecognisable as being associated with anything seen on the catwalk. But it would still be different enough to terrorise women into thinking that if they don't wear it, they won't look cool, or if they do wear it, they will look silly and foolish. What to do??

Of course, every season brings new colours and accessories, so that nothing goes with anything else you have bought in the last 6 months - oh how we just lamely accept and buy without question! Everything totally different so they make more and more money from these stupid people too dumb to figure out what the hell's going on, or if they are smart enough, to fucking apathetic to care and scared to look uncool.

This definition is quite extreme but most people will recognise this issue. Most are sensible enough to not obsess over their clothes as such, but there are many who do.

So, to get round this problem, these days the catwalk principle applies in reverse. You take any combination of items of clothing, the more they clash with each other the better (ex - red and green tartan jodpurs which gather at the waist, tucked into blue cowboy boots with gold effect, very wide crocodile belt, orange tank top with pink glitter edging, and a wooly hat in the shape of a cow's udder- I won't even get started on the accessories).

This way of dressing is in many ways a backlash to fashion fascism about what to wear with what etc. But it is becoming dangerously fashionable now meaning, "you can look like everything was thrown together by a colour blind myopic nerd, without thought or looking in a mirror, but it still has to look like constructed in a meticulous and well thought-out way but stil looks as if it was not".

Fashion obsessive "Oh my god I MUST find out where she got her outfit! It's so cool!"

"oh really? Where is this Salvation Army shop then? And hopefully it's very very expensive as I love paying a lot for shit that's made for nothing in sweat shops so that there is more profit for the men who design/own/run most of the fashion industry! Cool!"
by MissyM May 02, 2005
what "cool" people wear, so theres no fuss caused or attention drawn. usually worn because they cant think for themselves, and need someone to slap something together and put a label on it, along with a high price tag on it so they'll buy it
the frilly stuff.... ugh... evil frills
aswell as the peasant stuff... probably the same as frills, but oh well.
by riot74 April 24, 2003
I freaking hate fashion with a passion, something that needs to be ABOLISHED from this known world.

Ugh, so many simpletons dedicating their lives to being superficial. I cant stand it.
A person decided to dress how they liked, how they thought would look cool, not to others.

They were then ridiculed by some generic blonde haired chick with 15 of her friends. Fashion, much like looks, passes away.

I once said to my friends "oh yeah, I forgot, the way that you dress determines the human being that you are"

Its all horrible, I tell you, horrible.
by Not Zane September 04, 2004
A good way to put together rotting leaves, spider webs, worm shit into something we call clothes to sell to idiots... to make money.
I'm gay. I like clothes. I'm fashionable
by 0kills February 13, 2010
A waste of time. No seriously, why would you want to follow the latest trends? You waste your hard earned money on something that's 'in' and then when it's out...well let's just say you're in deep shit!

I hate people who follow fashion. They're all close minded, dumb retards. I'll see you in hell...
People who follow fashion are retards. Enough said.
by S..A..R..A the drummer girl July 21, 2006
The reason the whole world all dresses and acts the same.The reasons why everyone are a bunch of tattooed, pierced,missing their 4 front teeth carnival folk with a yeast infection and all hate George Bush.
Fashion makes hicks of you all.

You all think you are rebels and individuals....nothing could be farther from the truth.

I think Alice Cooper said it best: "We're all clones,all are one and one is all,all are one and one is all"...

You bloody unoriginal fucktards

see word rebel
by u stupid fashionistas May 16, 2004