Fashionable adj. - fashion, noun - fashion, verb

Today this word seems to mean "anything that's too hideous and freaky to even wear on the catwalk - too freaky and garish for even Vivienne Westwood or John Galliano to contemplate showing".

It also means stuff that 5 years ago was being ignored in charity shops and jumble sales as being too frumpy and out-of-date.

Not so long ago, people would look at the shit that walked down the catwalk and just hang their mouth open cuz it was so godawful weird.(BTW - this definition almost exlusively applies to women of course. We were told, "oh the styles will be watered down before it gets to the shops for ordinary mortals to try to fucking figure out how to wear."
So by the time it got to the shops, it was almost unrecognisable as being associated with anything seen on the catwalk. But it would still be different enough to terrorise women into thinking that if they don't wear it, they won't look cool, or if they do wear it, they will look silly and foolish. What to do??

Of course, every season brings new colours and accessories, so that nothing goes with anything else you have bought in the last 6 months - oh how we just lamely accept and buy without question! Everything totally different so they make more and more money from these stupid people too dumb to figure out what the hell's going on, or if they are smart enough, to fucking apathetic to care and scared to look uncool.

This definition is quite extreme but most people will recognise this issue. Most are sensible enough to not obsess over their clothes as such, but there are many who do.

So, to get round this problem, these days the catwalk principle applies in reverse. You take any combination of items of clothing, the more they clash with each other the better (ex - red and green tartan jodpurs which gather at the waist, tucked into blue cowboy boots with gold effect, very wide crocodile belt, orange tank top with pink glitter edging, and a wooly hat in the shape of a cow's udder- I won't even get started on the accessories).

This way of dressing is in many ways a backlash to fashion fascism about what to wear with what etc. But it is becoming dangerously fashionable now meaning, "you can look like everything was thrown together by a colour blind myopic nerd, without thought or looking in a mirror, but it still has to look like constructed in a meticulous and well thought-out way but stil looks as if it was not".

Fashion obsessive "Oh my god I MUST find out where she got her outfit! It's so cool!"

"oh really? Where is this Salvation Army shop then? And hopefully it's very very expensive as I love paying a lot for shit that's made for nothing in sweat shops so that there is more profit for the men who design/own/run most of the fashion industry! Cool!"
by MissyM May 02, 2005
forget what the other "definers" of fashion stated.

fashion is not just a form of art, its to be inspired and create something that doesn't have to be necessarily real. it doesnt have to be a preference of the public, but more of the designer who decides. fashion is also an opinion. its bringing back what used to be "in" and make it 'in' again. bringing the old things back, for people to see that if times change, if someone keeps old fashion fresh, it'll never grow old (at least for a long time).

take Taxi for example, andy warhols first love. she made the mini skirt because she wanted to prove that she could live on her own without her family looking down on her. she could only afforn cheap clothes, and since she was so small, she would shop in the kids department. the mini skirt was made.
fashionistas take everything into consideration, well, most i guess. and you dont have to wear the parachute pants, or the glitter stockings, you don't have to afford it, but another crowd can, and another crowd may love it. because fashion isnt just for the closet, it can be a gallery of art.
Fashion is made up of previous inspirations. And what you made of it will be an inspiration for something else involving fashion, art, originality, culture, or anything in the world
by an0nym00uSz May 09, 2009
Another word for ugly clothing that hardly makes sense as clothing.
Look at that loser over there, they have no sense of fashion....You can tell that's a shirt.
by lostinCM December 13, 2011
OK, this is my attempt :)

A normal definition of "fashion" would be a popular trend of clothing, music, styles, genres, etc. that may differ from time period to time period or across areas of modern society.

However, I feel that this statement, by a comedian I forget the name of, is much more suitable:
You see, fashion is like foxhunting. There's a bunch of dogs all after one fox. And chances are, there's at least one dog there who doesn't know what the hell he's doing there. Maybe got a bit drunk before work, maybe came in late, whatever. Anyway, he doesn't know what he's there for, and as soon as he hears the horn he sees all the other dogs start heading off. So the one dog follows behind the rest. And so fashion, like that one dog, is simply
following arseholes.
by /\@/\Spyda/\@/\ July 27, 2006
the way corporations brainwash people so they can be easily used as tools for money
fashion sucks you tool!
by emo sucks December 12, 2004
tbh, makes the world go round.

No one can turn around and say
" i don't follow fashion, its stupid, im individual"
because at the end of the day, your all posers if you do that.

Without fashion there would be no way of you to find yourself.
its the same with media, deep down we all aspire to be someone we are not.
and the media helps this, and brings this out in everyone.
we all want to stick our noses in celebs lives.
As it makes us feel better about our own.
new look-fashion wear

Every shop is a fashion.
by SLAM. May 21, 2007
Something so silly that it has to change every few months.
"Bro hos find Uggs very fashionable."
"How did GIGANTIC glasses become fashionable for girls to wear? It look like they are hiding a black eye from their football player boyfriend."
by Kitchenstadium January 19, 2007
The act of corporations literally playing with the public as one would play with one's food by dreaming up stupid-looking clothes, claiming they're 'in', 'stylish' or 'cool' then selling these clothes for stupid amounts of money. Anyone with sense would wear just what's casual and comfortable.
The sad thing is that some people actually follow fashion
by John Q Moron December 07, 2003

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