Collective noun for a group of Head teachers (principals).
A fascism of head teachers had gathered at Oxfordshire Education Department for a briefing of proper ways to make kids hate school.
by Hujanika Bolokofpt September 06, 2007
The mortal enemy of anarchists. They must fight it at all costs.
Oh great. The fascists are back. Anyone willing to take them on?
by Eddy December 23, 2003
An economic system under which all property is privately owned by a minoroty of the population, is highly regulated by a national government, while opposition is rigorously suppressed.
Sound familiar?
by ralph February 02, 2004
arbitrary elitism
Is not world facism the single greatest problem of this planet?
by pi4c October 24, 2003
A right wing authoritarian style goverment that is very close to the top left wing. A fake version of socialism.
.....I have nothing to say
by The left wing king January 13, 2004

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