Halitosis (bad breath). One who has halitosis.
Get away from me, farty breath.
by Wolly November 01, 2002
Top Definition
An expression used to describe a person with halitosis or bad breath. This can range from someone with mildly unpleasant bad breath because they’ve been up all night and haven’t had a chance to brush their teeth to someone with a real problem. You know the sort of person I mean, their teeth look like the bones of animal carcases or the weathered moss covered tombstones in a neglected graveyard; and their breath, oh lord their breath, it smells like a cross between rotting fish and the decomposing faecal emissions of a diseased pig and should be declared a biohazard.
“Oh shit! It’s farty-breath! I wish I had a gasmask.”
by AKACroatalin August 01, 2015
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