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an imaginary land where the inhabitants are mobilizied by fart flight.
"man, i was in fartland last night... those little shitters were flying all over the place! propelled by their own ass gass!"

"No way?!"
#fartland #ass #fart #gas #flying farters
by merriquitecontrary July 10, 2008
the heaven (and sometimes hell) of farts. where they come from and go back to after the stork delivers them into your colon and out your ass.
"The poor little fart escaped my asshole to return to fartland where he could be back with his family. "
#fart #fartland #heaven #hell #fantastic
by merriquitecontrary July 10, 2008
a world of imagination where everyone lives by flatulation.
if there were none they would all ROT from fresh air and die.
without fart we die
we will not live in fartland and thats not good.
#imaginary #land #of #farting #people
by sisi sex December 18, 2007
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