An individual whose appreciation for art runs along the lines of fringe, cult, cheese, camp and/or any combination thereof. So enamored are they that they're compelled to spread the love through blogging, free movie nights and armchair-auteur recreations.
In cult movie circles, Mike Nelson and Joel Hodgson are as highly contested as Capt. Kirk and Capt. Picard are to Star Trek nerds. No matter how you slice it, they are both fartistes of the highest calibre.
by aeryk.are.died September 12, 2009
Top Definition
One who has mastered the art…of fart
“Gus’ farts are amazing!”
“You think so? I think Gus is a dilettante when it comes to farting. If you give him a bowl of chili it can be impressive. But Meep, he’s a real fartiste. I've wept from the beauty of his farts."
by Anncorgun Mc Gee December 08, 2010
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