The mixture of dog poop and pizza hut breadsticks when you are drunk........... the breadsticks can be substituted for Taco Bell Ranchero sauce!
OH my god it smells like fart ass in here!
by Chicky chic February 14, 2010
Top Definition
Putting your butt-hole on a dolphins blow-hole
Did you just fartass that dolphin?
by awesome darkness March 22, 2009
Just a random insult. Combining "Fart" and "Ass." Or accusing one of passing too much anal gas. Not an insult to be taken to heart, however. Fun times.
"Hey, John, how about you stop farting, you fartass."
by Troy McGrath July 31, 2003
when a fat girl wears tight pants but only the ass hangs down so it looks like there is a clump of shit in her pants
look that fat bitch has fart ass
by fart ass hater March 25, 2007
1. A person who fart asses around...Lazy fat slob
Get of your but fart ass
by sj January 12, 2004
The fat face stinky fucktard that rejects your urban dictionary entry because he envies your awesomeness.
oh man, that fartass rejected my shit again!
by spiderguy February 16, 2015
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