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A clearly, noticeable presence of flatulence. An overpowering presence of fart stink. A powerful lingering cloud of nasty gaseous discharge.

A disgusting display of failure.

A high sense of self importance not accepted by others.

A total jerk.

A major disappointment.
Don't open that door. There's a serious fartarama circling around in there!

The pizza delivery boy left a deadly fartarama in the kitchen!

Your bulldog needs to enter a fartarama contest!

We lost the contract? This is a serious fartarama guys.

Oh he's such a fartarama, I hate him! But damn he's cute!

Yeah, he made us come in to work anyway. My boss is such a fartarama.

I know that you're going through a real fartarama just now but this two shall pass.
by tainochief November 12, 2010

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