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A bi-yearly celebration of farting. Participants eat dried apricots and count how many time they fart. Each year is accompanied by a slogan. Example - Fart Fest 2005 - "Our Cheeks Are Sealed" Quite a special festival.
"It's time for fart fest already?"
by ethelegg February 18, 2005
a farting contest or compilation with two or more people with nothing else to do.

dudes marking their territory by farting because signs are easily removed.
person 1: hey i just finished a whole bowl of beans and now im sooo bored.
person 2: same here... hey you wana have a fart fest?
person 1: hell yeah!! and it'll stop my sister from coming here.
#fart #festival #fun #boredom #damn
by bopkes June 23, 2009
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