The microscopic feces particals expelled out of the rectum within the methane gases of flatulation.
The seat fabric had accumulated nearly visable fart dust from its experience since being manufactured in 1951.
by Ashton Lee September 22, 2003
Top Definition
fart dust is microscopic and/or visible bits of feces expelled from the rectum. Feces accumulates on the sphincter after wiping the buttocks because of the wrinkles of the sphincter. Feces dries and when a person farts/expells gas the sphincter opens slightly and the wrinkles open and allow the dried feces to fall and be blown out. Dr. Chuck of The Virginia Fecal Institute performed many experiments to prove the existence of fart dust despite many disbelievers but proved without a shadow of a doubt that it in fact existed. With the help of a "volunteer", he had the test subject fart on a clean sheet of printer paper and the fart dust materialized. Fart dust does not occur with peoples who use baby wipes or bidets for cleansing their buttocks after bathroom use.
Joe awoke hacking up fart dust after Harold farted in his open mouth.
by Charles Golay October 17, 2008
The rank smell that erupts when someone sits in a chair you recently blasted into.
Dude, someone left some freakin fart dust in my chair!
by gyrussfanx May 08, 2007
The Dust that flies when you slap a couch cushion, padded chair, or any other soft surface where people sit.
I was laughing so hard that I slapped the couch, got a whiff of fart dust, then almost passed out.
by pghpanthers2 September 15, 2008
The dusting on the water of the toilet when you fart after a long diaharia.
Somebody please flush that fart dust down the toilet
by showty22 April 10, 2003

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