A cake that has been corrupted by a perverted woman who indulges above all in sitting in cakes and releasing her stinky methane ass juice into it. Remarkably produced by women who have fart fetish.
Q: What kind of cake is it?
A: It's a fart cake. Someone has just passed gas on it.
by Shayna McArthur October 03, 2010
Cakes that had been farted upon by horny and crazy women for sexual gratification
These fart cakes are bad for you. If you eat them, then you may have the runs! This woman has just farted on them naked.
by Mickeymike August 25, 2008
A cake being farted on by women. For example, there are lots of fart fetishists who fantasize about women doing so, and some videos on line.
Lady Eve positioned her gassy butt towards the cake and produced this fart cake.
by Amandacuttie August 04, 2006
A cake that has been flatulated upon by a naked chick to obtain perverted sexual pleasure
Matt, don't eat this fart cake! It's smelly and you can end up with the runs if you eat it!
by Dolberto August 25, 2008
a cake that has been flatulated upon by a woman for sexual purposes
Dad: John, this cake is a fartcake
John: Does it smell like a fart?
Dad: Yes, Amie farted on it 5 minutes ago
by Danielle Valentine September 02, 2008
A cake which has been farted upon by a woman for sexual purposes
Bart, don't eat this fart cake! You might get sick from E-Coli infection!
by Danielle V September 02, 2008
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