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A beer bong made out of the top half of a Sparkletts and excessively wide plastic tubing which is primarily used to dramatically improve the acoustics of a fart traveling through it.
We stayed up all night ripping em through our fartbong...and I don't think we were even drunk
by nutsaq February 07, 2003
9 5
to fart in a botlle and inhale it
jonno just used this fart bong he found he doesn't know who farted in it though
by jasonjonno May 05, 2008
20 2
to fart or get someone else to fart in a bootle close and breathe it in (note only gay tards do this)

jonno farted in that bottle and blain inhaled it what a fart bong er

poo in ur face
by poopoocachoo April 28, 2008
5 8
An apparatus containing water through which human gasses pass.
A Bath, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, The Ocean, Your best mates pint of beer. e.g. "Dude you just used my pint as a fart bong"
by Roger the Goat Herder July 10, 2006
9 19