A beer bong made out of the top half of a Sparkletts and excessively wide plastic tubing which is primarily used to dramatically improve the acoustics of a fart traveling through it.
We stayed up all night ripping em through our fartbong...and I don't think we were even drunk
by nutsaq February 07, 2003
Top Definition
to fart in a botlle and inhale it
jonno just used this fart bong he found he doesn't know who farted in it though
by jasonjonno May 05, 2008
to fart or get someone else to fart in a bootle close and breathe it in (note only gay tards do this)

jonno farted in that bottle and blain inhaled it what a fart bong er

poo in ur face
by poopoocachoo April 28, 2008
An apparatus containing water through which human gasses pass.
A Bath, Jacuzzi, Swimming Pool, The Ocean, Your best mates pint of beer. e.g. "Dude you just used my pint as a fart bong"
by Roger the Goat Herder July 10, 2006
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