One who uses great force to let out extreme waves of gaseous, toxic odours and does so intentionally. One who not only profusely and deliberately expels all nasty smelling gases from body but does so with pride.
The kids and I were choking on this horrible odour in the room, that fartblaster had no shame.
by whatsthebeat January 15, 2013
Top Definition
A large muffler that creates a farting noise when added to the exhaust system of a four cylinder car. Generally having a large, chrome tip of about 4" in diameter or larger. These mufflers remove backpressure from the exhaust while also reducing low end torque in most engines, this occasionally makes cars slower than stock off the line and not much faster anywhere else.
"Why does every moron with a civic and $300 feel the need to install a fart blaster?"
by alex November 13, 2004
a large protruding usually somewhat muscular ass
Serena Williams
by Anonymous April 28, 2003
A person who can fart very loudly sometimes multiple times in a row.
Harry really ripped off a few loud ones. He's a fart blaster!
by Mike Knight June 22, 2006
One who unleashes mad gas on a regular basis; one who blasts the farts
Today I(michael) took up the role of fartblaster in class today, TO THE MAX!!
by Captain B November 04, 2003
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