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A bean bag chair that has been farted into over and over and over again.
Hey throw me that fart-bag! Im tired!
by Iso-smell April 28, 2011
1 0
Any plastic bag that one farts into and then seals it shut until it is opened in a friends unsuspecting face.
Oh Man, you just gave me a white castle fart bag.
by burtsturd May 16, 2006
54 20
A bag attached to a tube that is inserted into the anus for purpose of caching fart-gas. A one-way valve at the bag connection prevents dissipation.
A vintage year gas is stored in a fartbag.
A fartbag can be placed in a sandwich, making a "fartbag-sandwich"
Sometimes one may experience a "fartbag-in-the-city" sensation when overwhelmed.
by bloke October 08, 2003
34 9
A one piece ski suit with excellent fart holding properties.
Each fambly member donned a fartbag for a special day of fun on the slopes.

by Slarty Bartfast February 27, 2008
34 14
someone, usually female, who is exceptionally skeezy and most likely riddled with venarial disease.
Ugh, don't mess with her, that fart bag is trouble.
by Frederick Balloons June 09, 2005
46 32
An individual who hurts you in any way and then continues to blame you for your pain.
Fart Bag: (steps on your toe)
Decent human being: Owww.
Decent human being: Typical Fart Bag.
by WebKoala November 23, 2013
9 0
A bag used for storing farts.
Hey mang u gots any more fartbags left?
If you fart in a bag you can smell it for weeks.
by sideburn October 09, 2003
16 7
1. A toy bag that you squeeze that makes farting noises.
2. Someone who farts a lot.
She likes to play with her whoopie cushion and she calls her whoopie cushion a fart bag. My co-worker farts a lot, he's such a fart bag.
by JayEssBee85 December 19, 2013
2 0