1. It's shit without the mess. That almost sounds like an ad doesn't it?

2.Something that you can handle smelling if you farted, but will clear a room fast.
1. Are you tired of shitting yourself to clear a room? Do you wish that there was an easier way? Well, now there is! All you have to do is fart. All the sounds, smells and feelings of shit, without the hassle of cleaning it up!

2. Damn, that fart smells good...I think I'll stay home today and enjoy it. Maybe I'll spend my whole day in a closet to keep the smell together...
by explodinglightbulb13 March 28, 2009
Little, tiny poop particles flying out of your ass at supersonic speeds, therefore creating a minature sonic boom.
"Did you fucking Fart? You Asshole."
by thevictor13 July 31, 2008
When one person does does a fart and someone retaliates with the same reaction.
Person A farts

Person B farts

Person A says fuck you B
by Blademasta Borris February 06, 2010
poo particles coming to say hello
yoour farts smell like poo
by cheryl and hannah February 16, 2004
i.To break the sound barrier without a

ii. To make ass cheeks smack at rapid

iii. To make like an iraqi and drop the bomb.
Sorry, I have to fart and run.
Did you smell what the rock is cooking?.
Howard Stern's goat cheese
by Eric July 07, 2004
a lethal invisible gas that can cause choking and brain cells to deteriorate once inhaled into the body
your fart is killing me
by BABIEBLUES1626 October 14, 2004
excretion of gases from the rectum in a loud manner which is amusing to others but embarrassing to the person unless they dont give a toss
"Jemma Fartedddddd!! and it was like soooo loud and went for 10 mins average and smelt like indescribably horrible and like theres a hole in my bed and in the roof where her head rocketed thru.. i think she followed through.."
by Krystalee lee January 19, 2004

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