A gastric gas permitted from the butthole.
I hated my hamster so I farted on him.
by Petunya August 13, 2007
another sweet kiss from the lips that never smile.
(Someone farts and says) Ahhhh, another sweet kiss from the lips that never smile.
by Cabbageman February 04, 2006
A fart is a turd honkin for the right of way
When a Girl farts she tries to be cute,
Girl: Sorry I made a smelly
Guy: Na bitch I think you shit yer panties!
by Beer Can April 29, 2007
An explosion directly from my shit hole that makes me smile and you gag
Whomp! Sound of giant fart
Dude what did you eat?
Your mom!
by big boom fart shakalala January 19, 2008
hey man why you blow this shit in my face!!! yo bitch ass smell like shit take a bath
do not fart by any or they will rib yo ass!
by natasha M March 23, 2004
when a dude/chick/animal/other shoots wind out of its ass, sometimes making a noise. can sometimes smell(very bad) chicks don't like it. guys are usually proud of their farts. some people even enjoy the smell of their own farts.
chick: i love you
dude: (farts)
chick: ew, freak!
by bananersrgood April 19, 2009
1. It's shit without the mess. That almost sounds like an ad doesn't it?

2.Something that you can handle smelling if you farted, but will clear a room fast.
1. Are you tired of shitting yourself to clear a room? Do you wish that there was an easier way? Well, now there is! All you have to do is fart. All the sounds, smells and feelings of shit, without the hassle of cleaning it up!

2. Damn, that fart smells good...I think I'll stay home today and enjoy it. Maybe I'll spend my whole day in a closet to keep the smell together...
by explodinglightbulb13 March 28, 2009

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