fart's come you'r ass
i'm going to fart in you'r mouth
by Paul T. November 26, 2003
sumfin dat ~ahem~ does a lot..:P and me ok ok..sumfin dat cumz out of ur a$$
i juss farted
the act of releasing gas out of your <butt>
o.m.g! that nerd next to me just farted!
by connor ketterer March 14, 2006
Federal Ass Radiation Tank
Michael's car is a FART
(Thanx to Jon for inventing this one)
by Chicken Fu(ker April 06, 2004
Flachulent Airborne Reaction Team
by Carlin August 17, 2003
To fart or not, if one pushes too far this may occur. Only use the prescribed for as is labled in your undershorts. Otherwise the tongue of Satan may give you a rimjob.
That big churizo and egg burrito you ate last night haunts you, and so letting it pass you wonder why it is so darn hot and if it had reinforcments. . .that's the tongue of satan my friend. . .aka a fart of religious proportions.
by Skubysuby August 26, 2006
some one who isn't very clued up on anything but thinks they are so cool in everything they do.
mark bought an iphoney coz he thought it was cool. OMG he is such a fart!
by Ntusi July 22, 2008
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