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Flachulent Airborne Reaction Team
by Carlin August 17, 2003
To fart or not, if one pushes too far this may occur. Only use the prescribed for as is labled in your undershorts. Otherwise the tongue of Satan may give you a rimjob.
That big churizo and egg burrito you ate last night haunts you, and so letting it pass you wonder why it is so darn hot and if it had reinforcments. . .that's the tongue of satan my friend. . .aka a fart of religious proportions.
by Skubysuby August 26, 2006
some one who isn't very clued up on anything but thinks they are so cool in everything they do.
mark bought an iphoney coz he thought it was cool. OMG he is such a fart!
by Ntusi July 22, 2008
when your butt cheaks flap together so hard that u scream for mercy, i hart kari, and u have to wipe afterwards some times
i had mexican, BOOM, owwwwww, god, get me to a hospital my ass hole is 9 inches wide
by Boomer Newman October 05, 2003
f. a. r. t.

foul aired rectal transmission
Fart, that is F, A, R, T. Spell it, don't smell it.
by James Ehlers March 06, 2008
A minor explosion between ones legs.
Greg my creative bro when he was 10, called to me and said, "hey Kat, sis come here I want to show you somthing." I arrived in the room just in time to see the flick of the bic and hear the fart and a whoosh...as the rearend of his pants caught on fire. He reminded me of the menthane plant release pipe we could see all lit up from the escaping methane gas as we drove by on freeway coming home from visiting our grandparents.
by Oh Happy Day! August 08, 2006
F.A.R.T.S stands for Forced ARTificial Scarcity. It is a term introduced by David Wong in his article on cracked.com (5 Reasons The Future Will Be Ruled By B.S.), describing the creation of an illusion of scarcity of mostly, but not limited to, goods.

It could also be defined as paying for something you would naturally get for free.

One way of achieving this is arbitrarily restricting goods or claiming their scarcity to the public - as is often done in adverts. A method often employed by big companies to scare rednecks into buying stuff.
Limited editions, collectors editions, band merchandise...all FARTS.
"Advertiser: We're gonna add another quarter. This is unbelieveable. That's 2 quarters and a book for only 19,95. People we only have 7 left.
Redneck:Holy shit they only have 7 left ! Honey get into the car I'm gonna dial the number, hurry !
" by Bill Burr
Waiting in a queue in a virtual bowling alley.

Brands vs. no names.

Buying bottled water.

Selling oil to Saudi Arabia.

Paying for porn.

Paying for radio.

Transaction fees.


We are surrounded by FARTS.

The future will be ruled by FARTS.

Guy1: Bro, you heard about the oxygen bar in Toronto ?
Guy2: They sell oxygen there right ?
Guy1: FARTS bro ! FARTS !
Guy2: Abso-fucking-lutely !
by OpenEyes October 18, 2010