when air rumpling throgh the rectum and desends out yo ass bitch
i let one go
by Monkey Man April 07, 2003
1. Man made methane.

2. The noise which is often heard soon after someone says, "Pull my finger."
That fart smelled horrible!
by Fart Master 09 November 04, 2009
1. to make a blundering mistake; to ruin

2. adjective used to stress a point further, an emphasizing word

3. terrible, horrible, not good
1. "We needed to raise 500 dollars but we only made 2! We farted that fundraiser up."

2. "That concert was fart bad."

3. "That concert was a big fart."
by stya24 May 15, 2009
Fragrant and repulsive tang
The fart smelt as though it would be in the room for ever so I sprayed it with air freshener
by Stias September 12, 2005
Something kids are obsessed with, usually the little boys will blow on one their teachers.
Little Kid: You smelt it, you delt it.
by loco asshole February 09, 2005
1) To pass wind. Expulsion of gases from the anus, often noisy and foul-smelling.
2) 'old fart': a middle-aged/older person who is bad-tempered.
1)Who just farted?
2)That old fart complains all the time!
by Trog June 16, 2004
SBV (Silent Butt Violent)
Me: EW!
#2: sorry man, that`s called silent but deadly
Me: NO! That`s a fart we call an SBV (Silent but Violent)
by easton0890 September 06, 2009

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