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A gay male mating call!
I knew he was the one for me when, in the bathhouse, he bent over, spread his cheeks, and let a fart rip
by Predatory Male February 02, 2005
11 15
1) To pass wind. Expulsion of gases from the anus, often noisy and foul-smelling.
2) 'old fart': a middle-aged/older person who is bad-tempered.
1)Who just farted?
2)That old fart complains all the time!
by Trog June 16, 2004
5 9
a stinky smell that comes from someone's butt.
I just farted very badly, phew!
by Stacy February 24, 2004
8 12
SBV (Silent Butt Violent)
Me: EW!
#2: sorry man, that`s called silent but deadly
Me: NO! That`s a fart we call an SBV (Silent but Violent)
by easton0890 September 06, 2009
1 6
it is when you let out some bad smelling gas out of ur fuckin ass so much sometimes it tickles and sometimes it hurts so bad!!
Beans, Beans the magic fruit the more you eat the more you toot! (fart)
by renea December 17, 2005
4 9
1. extensive affection shown by a cat.
2. means of "keeping warm"
3. dry version of "shated"
4. battleships move to pre-empt WAR!
my cat farted to keep me warm i love her affection. lucky i didn't shat myself before i played battleships
by Claudia De Foe January 24, 2005
6 11
to expell intestinal gas through the anus, to flatuate
He deliberately farted in my face.
by Light Joker October 03, 2004
43 48