The art in which air or gas is expelled from the ass or butt
I farted so hard that i cleared everyone from the living room.
by master o dictionary May 23, 2009
a minor explosion between the buttox
commoly wet, or accomined by some sort of bodily fluid.
Brandon: Hanns did u just fart?
Hanns: o Shit yea, i think i just wet my shorts
by b and hizzle April 19, 2008
a loud smelly gas that cums out of ur ass wen u feel pressure in that area.

synonyms: poot, toot, realease gas
EWWWWW!!! piage farted!
by foo-foo December 09, 2003
1. Noun: A flatus, expelled through the anus.
2: Verb: The act of expelling flatuses through the anus, usually fouling the surrounding air with a strong objectionable stench while producing a commical noise.
3: A contemptable or stupid person.
1. That fart that I just cut really smells good!
2. Open the window, I have to fart!
3. Mr. Crustybaum is such an old fart!
by Malcolm X-crement November 18, 2003
ass orgasm
I just farted, it was like an instant ass orgasm!
by SerJ November 14, 2012
nastay noise dat comes wut an unlively STINK dat makes all ma teachers pass out n die
Oh, man ur fart just slaped me in the face!
by Shmu June 02, 2004
A discharge of the asshole, of sometimes smelly gases.
Yo did u fart it smells
by Joe "Hazard" Longi February 18, 2004

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