ass orgasm
I just farted, it was like an instant ass orgasm!
by SerJ November 14, 2012
nastay noise dat comes wut an unlively STINK dat makes all ma teachers pass out n die
Oh, man ur fart just slaped me in the face!
by Shmu June 02, 2004
A discharge of the asshole, of sometimes smelly gases.
Yo did u fart it smells
by Joe "Hazard" Longi February 18, 2004
Chris's toxic waste aka nucler aka nuclear deuce after eating double whooper or big mac
Chris's fart times two that sound like a deisel engine
by Bob Marley January 18, 2004
The vapor form of shit.
I farted. It smelled bad. SBD!!! :runs out of room screaming:
by Reiko November 18, 2003
Gas, trapped in the intestine carrying the stink of shit u ate,gushed-out forcibly.
Ooh that stinks!probably the fatbastard from austinpowers
by yendukraa October 25, 2003
gaseous pressure on the sphincter muscle eventually resulting in release and relief
I sit at my desk and fart silently; then I spray the air to cover the smell.
by Hikoo October 08, 2003

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