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a loud smelly gas that cums out of ur ass wen u feel pressure in that area.

synonyms: poot, toot, realease gas
EWWWWW!!! piage farted!
by foo-foo December 09, 2003
1. Noun: A flatus, expelled through the anus.
2: Verb: The act of expelling flatuses through the anus, usually fouling the surrounding air with a strong objectionable stench while producing a commical noise.
3: A contemptable or stupid person.
1. That fart that I just cut really smells good!
2. Open the window, I have to fart!
3. Mr. Crustybaum is such an old fart!
by Malcolm X-crement November 18, 2003
ass orgasm
I just farted, it was like an instant ass orgasm!
by SerJ November 14, 2012
The mating call of the corn holing faggot.
When one poofter hears another one fart, he responds, either with a fart of his own or verbally.
Rowdy Texas poofters call out "Chow Time!"
High-class poofters say, "Dinner Call!"
Not wanting to waste a lot of time talking, Armistead traipsed into a gay bar, lifted his leg a trifle, and blasted out a tremendous fart. The stentorian trumpet call echoed through the room and drew many approving glances.

Tex hollered "Hot damn! He's brought out the big guns!"

Lemony minced over to Armistead, bent over, and spoke sweet words to his arse:

Hail to thee, blithe Spirit!
Bird thou never wert
That from Heaven, or near it,
Pourest thy full heart
In profuse strains of unpremeditated art.

He inhaled through his nose, loud and long, then continued,

Like a rose embowered
In its own green leaves,
By warm winds deflowered,
Till the scent it gives.

"You'll do fine," said Armistead as he took Lemony's fluttering wrist and escorted him from the bar.
by Cap'n Bullmoose November 11, 2006
nastay noise dat comes wut an unlively STINK dat makes all ma teachers pass out n die
Oh, man ur fart just slaped me in the face!
by Shmu June 02, 2004
A discharge of the asshole, of sometimes smelly gases.
Yo did u fart it smells
by Joe "Hazard" Longi February 18, 2004
Chris's toxic waste aka nucler aka nuclear deuce after eating double whooper or big mac
Chris's fart times two that sound like a deisel engine
by Bob Marley January 18, 2004