1. n. A slight explosion between two legs

Synonyms: tooted, shot a bunny, started a motorcycle, and made a naughty noise
Good gracious, Bernard, he farted
by Sir Marmot Piggle June 04, 2004
ass thunder or brown thunder
dude, that ass thunder fukin reeks
by Jay February 25, 2004
a warning of sh*t
u think ya farted but ya sh*t your pants
by nick November 27, 2003
Air passing through the anus, and causing flappage of the outer-hole, releasing a sound and smell. The smell always smells great to the one who released it, and the noise is great to everyone who hears it!
Dude! I farted! Mmmm Good...(laugh) for more information look up flatulate
by JDRB November 27, 2003
a body chemical released from the ass that usually creates a noise or can be silent, usually with a violent smell.
Who farted, you or the rotting eggs?
by (anonymous) October 25, 2003
An exploding bottom
Evacuate it's a nuclear gas explosion!
by Goof April 11, 2003
Releasing a huge ass mother fucking smelly force from the asshole that can be funny, may cause anger, or even be fatal. DANGER:keep out of reach of children
Bet u i can kick ur farts ass!!!
by Jebudia Smith March 11, 2003
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