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A turd screaming to get out.
The peice of shit is so scared of the darkness in your ass hole it screams with fear to come out.
by You'r Mom = ) March 19, 2005
1. n. A slight explosion between two legs

Synonyms: tooted, shot a bunny, started a motorcycle, and made a naughty noise
Good gracious, Bernard, he farted
by Sir Marmot Piggle June 04, 2004
a warning of sh*t
u think ya farted but ya sh*t your pants
by nick November 27, 2003
Air passing through the anus, and causing flappage of the outer-hole, releasing a sound and smell. The smell always smells great to the one who released it, and the noise is great to everyone who hears it!
Dude! I farted! Mmmm Good...(laugh) for more information look up flatulate
by JDRB November 27, 2003
a body chemical released from the ass that usually creates a noise or can be silent, usually with a violent smell.
Who farted, you or the rotting eggs?
by (anonymous) October 25, 2003
It's another word for "ass blaster"
My ass blasted in your face.
by fuck off May 23, 2003
1.Too rip major ass so to spew noxious gas on another person.
2. Too shit one's self
Dude, I just farted all over my girlfreind, and she thought it was wicked awsome!!!!!
by Eveve May 17, 2003