When there is a tingly sensation in your butt, and air goes through your poo and out your butthole , which produces as smelly air.
I have to fart
by 1234abc5d May 08, 2009
Fake art. An object that purports to be worthy of the description "art", when all it usually is, is a found object around which the fake artist (fartist) has installed/erected a frame. Also spelt phart (phony art).
An unmade bed installation or pile of bricks displayed in an art gallery - the gallery's room being the frame.
"What a load of complete and utter fart!"
by epigenie November 08, 2006
a fart is a puff of air which comes out of your ass once it has been detected you are then ether called a smelly bastard or you blame it on the person next to you.
'Chris have you farted you smelly bastard'.
by Matt B April 26, 2006
Shit without the mess.
You better check your pants after that fart.
by bigbri April 02, 2006
Something really nasty
"Damn Kelmo! You fart smells like something crawled up in you and died"
by KBH November 05, 2005
A giant explosion that comes out of your anus after eating something.
Considered funny to 6 year olds.
Farts were funny in 2nd grade.
by DaChazman June 23, 2005
a very smelly invisible gas the exits out of the ANUS!
silent but DEADLY
LOUD and proud
jack the RIPPER
by savdaz March 29, 2005
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