A chance to be embarrassed at school.
Hey dude, did you just fart? (Laughter)
A fart is the spirit ( sometimes can be nasty ) of the food you ate a while ago ! To keep them away during the day one has to make a special offering to the toilet in the morning. Failing to do so can enrage the fart spirit and can result in you getting thrown out of a moving bus later during the day !
Guy:1-What's that awful smell ? Dude did you just fart ?
Guy:2- oh that's the ghost of the turkey I ate yesterday !
Guy:1- man you're full of shit !
Guy:2- I guess I'am...
by spectre97 January 27, 2014
There are many different types

The Leaky Pipe: When gas slowly oozes out your crack, and a low hissing sound is audible.

The Fake: A toot that has no odor.

Perfume: A fart that smells good. Very rare.

Wet Gas: When pieces of shit prom your previous diarrhea come out with your gas.

Steam: Made when in a cold place. Results is a visible gas seen erupting from the butt.
Whether a fart or a toot
It's never mute
by Shazamalam November 21, 2013
Shits with the same funny sound and same vile smell but no fuss, no mess!
Jim- "Holy shit! Your going to need a change of underwear."
Xavier-"Nahh, it's all good. I only farted."
by HARASSS November 08, 2010
Expulsion of trapped methane in the anus, possibly the funniest thing ever.
Tom: "Dude I just farted!''
Bob: " hahahahaha... ''
by II Sammeh II August 30, 2010
When there is a tingly sensation in your butt, and air goes through your poo and out your butthole , which produces as smelly air.
I have to fart
by 1234abc5d May 08, 2009
Fake art. An object that purports to be worthy of the description "art", when all it usually is, is a found object around which the fake artist (fartist) has installed/erected a frame. Also spelt phart (phony art).
An unmade bed installation or pile of bricks displayed in an art gallery - the gallery's room being the frame.
"What a load of complete and utter fart!"
by epigenie November 08, 2006

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