Free-floating anal vapors
good god, those free-floating anal vapors stink!
by knowone February 16, 2005
A turd whistling for the right of way.
Man was that you? Yeah had a turd whistling for the right of way.
by Cheese Master February 03, 2005
1. to expel gas through the anus.

2. a man, a fellow.
ew, did he just fart?
by Light Joker August 10, 2004
See fart.
*Fart* Yay! I found more black underwear!
by Fart January 27, 2004
(1)to pass intestinal gas thru the rectum and anus to the outer air
(2)discharge gas from the vagina,such as when it has been pumped up with air by intercourse with the position such that butt is in the air and head is down on the bed
(1) he farted silently and cleared the room, blaming the dog

(2)he came, then withdrew. She emitted a loud fart as she relaxed and lay down on her stomach
by John R. December 08, 2003
the process in which gas is passed from your ringhole so to speak and free into the air
after a few beans or vindaloo
by karl jackson September 20, 2003
The act of releasing gas from ones anus, which is usually accompanied by a foul smell. Can be used as an excuse or a weapon.
Sorry mom, I cant go to the reunion today, my stomach is upset. If you dont believe me, smell one of my farts.

Guy 1. Hey, get off my Beer
Guy 2. No way man, you lost it.
Guy 1. Ill Fart on you.
Guy 2. OK man take it.
by SPPIIKKE May 21, 2003

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