noun - 1. an invisible and often malevolent entity that can only originate from the human rectum; the common fart generally lies dormant until the host expels it.

verb - 1. to forcefully expel or passively allow a unit of gaseous particles from one's rectum.
aka, "blasting the butt trumpet"
His metal chair only served to amplify the mighty fart he emitted.
by What May 10, 2004
The release of methane gas from the Rectum of any living thing on the planet. Usaully smells like the inside of your ass, or food that you have eaten in the past. i.e. eggs
i need to fart....but i don't know which way to lean
by hamid August 02, 2006
1. A foul and highly flammable mixture of gases (including methane), that is ejaculated from the anus and, if inhaled excessively and to a certain extent, can get you very woozy.
2. A dud.
3. Refers to an older creature, most commonly directed towards humans.
1. What is that putrid aroma!? Dave, did you fart again?
2. This car sucks. Every time I turn on the ignition, it just farts.
3. Hey Wesley, look at that old fart with the cane.
by schizoid zan August 20, 2005
gas from the ass
fart fart fart
by Bob December 15, 2003
A smelly chemichal that may blow your house or potty or ass up!
Timmy had to fart so bad that her made a hole through the chair.
by AJL November 19, 2005
Air expelled from the anus. It can be silent or very noisy, depending on sphincter's tension, speed and amount of gas expelled. Farts can be stinky or inodor, and some kinds of food (like beans, rice, pasta and generally all foods containing high amounts of carbohydrates) cause more gas production. We all fart about ten times per day. Farting is a natural and healthy body function.
To rip a fart
All the animals fart
This was the biggest fart I've ever ripped
by Farting Wolf September 22, 2006
a nasty and disgusting air that comes out of ur fucking asshole if u ate tacos and burritos..
try to fart while driving the car with ur windowns closed after eating from tacos bell..
by Jomax April 26, 2006
the act of farting that makes gay men hotter.
im gay and hotter!!!
by gaylordhasbigpenis July 21, 2005

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