The cry of the imprisoned terd.
Monica left just in time, for my fart told me I would be pooping soon.
by jballgame January 26, 2004
A small explosion between the legs, composed of vapourized poop particles.
person 1: ewww dude did you fart?
person 2: yes indeed i did, you heard the explosion didnt you?

person 3: yes, eww it smells disgusting
person 1: omg bro dont breathe it in, you realize you are inhaling particles of his poop when you smell it!?
person 3: kill me now.
person 2: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! smell my wrath! :D
by Blue_Sky555 August 08, 2012
Farts are best fart was when i was a youngen..i was walking up a set of stairs at uni... being the first day and all i didn't wish to be late and a few paces behind me was another fella...the night before i was out on the turps big time and had, had a curry on the way home...just for good messure...every step i took up the stairs (3 floors in total) a small but foul smelling fart errupted..i quickened my pace to leave it behind (it stunk that bad)...but alas so to did the bloke behind me only to be greeted time and again by another one...i reached the door on my floor and ploughed on through.. absolutely pissing myself with laughter...took my seat at the front of the lecture room...out walked the professor and glared straight at me ...yep the same guy behind me on the stairs...i stood up shrugged my shoulders and fucked off back to best fart ever!
common responces when your best mates just farted

"speak up caller your almost through"
"don't worry sir ..we'll find you"
"now you've ripped them you'll have to buy them"
by sandy clacka November 23, 2009
a smell that is only pleasent 2 u...4 thoose around u it smells like roten eggs or somtin!!!!!!
holy crap! that fart stinks >:Þ
by t-p 4 my bunghole January 17, 2004
Ass Blast, gass, bad when she farts while getting her fudge packed.
The Polish sausage and beer I had last night is making me fart.
by Maxwell September 25, 2003
1. expulsion of gas
2. exclamation from 3rd grade. by 4th grade you've grauated to "crap" then on to "shit"
1. i farted. it was a hot one.
2. oh fart! i'm about to fall.
by tomskerrit April 23, 2003
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